22nd September 2019

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This course is aimed at candidates sitting the MRCP (UK) PACES exam in the 2019/03 diet. It is held on the 22nd September 2019 which is the last Sunday before the start of the examination diet so that everyone can attend.

As always, there are only 20 spaces available on the course and we only run one course per exam diet so please book early to avoid disappointment.

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The best place for all the murmurs and all the signs.

  1. Do you want to listen to every possible murmur including the ‘rare ones’?
  2. Do you want to examine Corrigan’s pulses, splitting of heart sounds, ejection clicks, heaves/thrills and more?
  3. Do you want to examine rare non-cardiac conditions that have a wide variety of cardiovascular signs, such as Marfan’s syndrome and others?

At the CardiologyPACES course
  • You get to examine 20 exclusive patients, for 10 minutes each, without critical colleagues watching over you!
  • Individual 1:1 feedback by 8 Cardiology Registrars!
  • Presentations on examination skills, how to collate and present findings, how to ace the ‘viva questions’ and how to approach cardiology themes in station 


  • At our course, we pride ourselves on our unrivalled Candidate to Patient and Candidate to Tutor ratios. Each one of the 20 lucky candidates on the course will get an opportunity to examine each of the 20 patients.
    • This 1:1 Candidate to Patient is unmatched and unique.
  • There are a total of 10 cardiology tutors available on the day, enabling a competitive 2:1 Candidate to Tutor ratio. 

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