About us Why choose CardiologyPACES?

The Royal College of Physicians recommend that all candidates prepare for the MRCP PACES exams by gaining clinical experience in hospital training posts involving the care of emergency medical patients. Unfortunately it can be tricky to get exposure to and training in certain conditions whilst undertaking service provision leaving you to rely on 'being lucky' and have to take advantage of opportunities to examine patients with certain signs. This is a very sporadic way of learning and can leave some people with gaps in their clinical exposure. One of the 'feared' stations in the MRCP Paces exam by prospective candidates relates to Cardiology as although some conditions are very common, most of them are not.

At the CardiologyPACES course you will get an opportunity examine every type of murmur that can come up in the MRCP exam and examine a wide variety of extra-cardiac signs. We are sure we have signs and conditions you have only read about!

This course is not only great for PACES candidates, but will build your clinical accumen in cardiology and will also work great for people wanting to pursue a career in cardiology or want to be more confident in their clinical practice in relation to cardiovascular examination and findings.

Our course prides itself on the our fantastic Candidate to Patient/Tutor ratio's which enables us to deliver fantastic teaching. For this reason, we can only accommodate for 20 candidates on each course. We only run one course per MRCP PACES Examination Diet so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Course Structure

A detailed agenda will be sent out to all candidates prior to the course. The course starts with interactive presentations on cardiovascular examination and common stations and presentation skills.At the end of the day there are 2 more sessions, one on 'Management and Viva' questions and one on how to ace 'Station 5'.

In the middle of the day, you, your group and 2 Cardiology Registrars will rotate through a variety of cycles and sessions where you will examine all of our patients. You will rotate alone through each patient, so you can rest assured there will be no pesky colleagues watching over you when you are examining the patient or 'hogging' of the patients. In each cycle there are two registrar led stations where you will get individual feedback from the registrar and an opportunity to go back and confirm the signs you missed or want to revisit. You will also get the opportunity to examine patients on your own, and referring to our comprehensive 'Clinical Signs Reference Sheet' for each patient to ensure you didn't miss any signs or murmurs.

  • #1 No other course like this on the market
  • #2 Expert Tutours
  • #3 1:1 Candidate to Patient Ratio
  • #4 2:1 Candidate to Tutor Ratio
  • #5 All topics, including Station 5, covered
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